The best of The Hispanic Reader

After two years, 83 book reviews and 219 posts, I’ve decided to end publication of The Hispanic Reader.

The ending is bittersweet. I enjoyed reading books and promoting authors of Latino literature. But I also want to have time to pursue some other personal projects. I’m especially grateful for all the readers who commented on and Tweeted about my posts.

I hope people will continue to read the blog. My goal was to make this a resource for Latino literature, and I will keep renewing the domain name. And who knows, when the time is right, I may bring the blog back.

Here are the features of the blog:

Reviews: More than 80 book reviews, from classic books by Jorge Luis Borges and Rudolfo Anaya to contemporary authors Isabel Allende and Junot Díaz. Check out my reviews of classic Latino novels and classic books by Latinas.

Features: Looking for a book about quinceñeras? Food? A particular holiday? Check out the lists here, as well as other articles about Latino literature.

Author Q&A: Read interviews with Latino writers, including children’s author Margarita Engle and mystery novelist Linda Rodriguez.

Author profiles: Learn about some of the best-known authors in Latino literature, from legend Gabriel García Marquez to contemporary writer Gary Soto.

Nation profiles: Find out about the authors and books from countries with strong Latino populations, from Argentina to Venezuela.

Links: This page is loaded with lots of great resources to Latino literature — author websites, blogs and organizations that promote reading.



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10 responses to “The best of The Hispanic Reader

  1. Connie

    Sorry to hear that you are ending publication of The Hispanic Reader. I looked forward to reading it every week. Keep us informed if you will start again or something new. I’ll certainly follow

  2. bellavidaletty

    Sorry to hear you’re shutting down but glad to know the resources will still be around. Best of luck to you. I enjoyed reading your posts.

  3. Leena

    Oh no. I just discovered this blog on a quest to read more novels with Latin protagonists. Thanks for all the work. It’s been very useful.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that you’re ending The Hispanic Reader, a source of new books, and old classics, for us to discover. THank you for your blog and best wishes to you.

  5. Beatriz Terrazas

    I’ve enjoyed your posts and I’m glad you’ll renew the domain name because we need this kind of resource.

  6. I’m sorry to hear that you won’t be writing new content for The Hispanic Reader, but I am glad that your resources will still be available. We recommend your posts to our teachers all the time. Best of luck in your new projects.

  7. Jessica DeLeon

    Thank you everyone! Your support means so much to me.

  8. a reader

    Thank you for this wonderful resource! I’m sorry you aren’t able to continue. I’ll miss it but I appreciate that you are still making it available.

  9. Thank you for all the work you’ve done. We’ve long needed this type of resource on Latino works. But for all those that are still searching for literature on Latino Authors, look at and Again, thank you Jessica for everything you have done. We’ll miss you!

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