Book review: Sandra Cisneros’ “Have You Seen Marie?”

In Sandra Cisneros’ new book, Have You Seen Marie? (Knopf), the narrator searches for her lost her cat in her neighborhood. But she’s not just looking for Marie, she’s looking for a piece of herself.

The narrator lives in the King William district of San Antonio – a series of historic homes that are as colorful and unique as the people who live in them. On a hot Sunday, the narrator and a friend meet their neighbors as they search for the black and white cat who “looks like she’s wearing a tuxedo.” These eccentric group of people – a viejita who offers them a can of Big Red soda; a family of musicians who play in the park; “a girl in a fiesta dress and sleeves of tattoos” – are rendered beautifully by California-based artist Ester Hernandez.

At less than a hundred pages, Maria seems like a picture book for adults, but the book’s weight comes as the narrator realizes that she also misses her mother, who passed away a few months earlier. Marie provides a unique glimpse into a quirky neighborhood and heartfelt look into grieving.

More about Sandra Cisneros:

Sandra Cisneros is best known for her 1991 novel The House on Mango Street, and her 2003 novel Carmelo. She also founded The Macondo Foundation writer’s group.

Source: I checked this book out of the library.


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